The Importance Of Celebration In Life: How To Savor Your Victories

We’ve all been taught about how to manage and survive the difficult situations in our life. But rarely do we hear the importance of celebration in life. Because of this, we miss out on a lot of fun and benefits. This article will show you how to celebrate life and savor your victories.

What Is The Importance Of Celebration In Life

One of the benefits of celebrating in life is a better mental and physical health overall. Celebrating fills your life with joy and appreciation. It allows you to rest. To ease your mind. To focus on what you have, where you are, rather than look on the outside and compare yourself.

But looking deeper, it’s crucial to have fun and be merry because you are going to die. There is no escaping it. My theory is that we bring something into this world when we’re born. And we take away something when we leave. The thing is, we rarely find out and appreciate what we have to bring because we’re constantly on the move towards the “next goal.”

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”


Knowing that you’ll one day die will push you to start focusing on the most important things in life. You can fully experience joy, happiness, pain, sorrow, failure, mistakes, love, warmth, and so on. You can build memories… because really, it’s the only lasting thing you’ll ever leave behind.

Unpopular opinion: I think you should also celebrate failures and weaknesses. It may not be immediately, but you should. The reason is that our mistakes redirect us and point us toward the right direction. If you didn’t make any mistakes, you wouldn’t grow. Without growth, it’s impossible to feel joy.

Importance Of Celebrating Success

Other than celebrating occasions and special moments in your life, you should also remember to celebrate your success. It feels good, honestly. And doing it for that reason alone is okay. No matter how big or small, significant or not, your wins are your wins. Own it. With that said, here are five more reasons to celebrate success.

It Motivates You To Go Further

When you achieve something, it puts you in a state of wanting to achieve more – of wanting to grow. For example, every small progress towards losing weight makes you want to do more. Every dime in your savings account makes you want to save more. Every book you finish makes you want to read more.

The more you accomplish, the stronger your intrinsic motivation becomes. You start to set a bigger vision, define bigger goals, and show up to work. And the more you do, the more you inspire others.

Lets Others Know Your Journey And Allow You To Enroll People With You

When you show and celebrate your accomplishments with other people, they get an idea of what you’re doing. Showing up in front of the right people will open doors for you. And sometimes, your friends, family, and relatives will think of how they can help you more.

You Focus On How Green Your Grass Is

We always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Celebrating success allows you to focus on your own grass. It makes you appreciate what you’ve been given, what you worked hard for, and the fruits of your labor. And guess what this does to you? It develops the habit of gratitude (which is a neat habit to have).

Why? Because gratitude improves physical health, psychological health, and social well-being. Aside from that, gratitude also cultivates humble dependence on others.* Celebration without gratitude can make your ego so big, it clouds your judgment. But celebration that includes gratitude gets us humble.

It Gives You Something To Look Back To When Times Get Rough

One of the best techniques to beat the feelings of insecurity is to list all my accomplishments on a paper. It could be virtual or physical, whatever. But the point is, you list and review what you’ve accomplished in life, especially when times get rough. And you do it not to brag or let pride fill your head, no.

It’s to remind yourself that you’ve made some pretty amazing things and you can do them again. One of the biggest factors (if not the biggest) that allowed you to do those things was yourself. You had a hand in making things happen. However, you often forget that especially when you’re in the middle of a problem.

So, celebrate and record your progress so you can remind your future self what the past you have done.

It’s funny saying this because whenever I read the books I wrote years ago, the wisdom of my younger self still astounds me. I still learn from me. In fact, sometimes I forget that I wrote those things and I’m amazed by how much it hits when I read them every now and then.

The Psychology Of Celebration

Fred Bryant, a Social Psychologist at Loyola University Chicago is a leading expert on “savoring.” It’s about engaging in and appreciating the good emotions and events that happen in your life. In his research, he said that people who enjoy their successes and little victories are likely to be happier on the outcome of what they do.*

Generally, savoring leads to positive emotions. This is important because positive emotions are critical elements to our overall well-being as people. Especially in the aspects of our:

  • Social Life
  • Emotional Life
  • Psychological Life

Positive emotions are not only signs of “human flourishing” or being well-adjusted. When we cultivate positive emotions in our life, it also strengthens human flourishing.”* To do this, Fred Bryant shares strategies on how you can savor:

  1. Sharing your good feelings with others
  2. Taking a mental photograph by being acutely aware in the moment with intentions on recalling the mental photograph later
  3. Sharpening your sensory perceptions by being attentive to the present moment
  4. Comparing the outcome to something worse
  5. Getting absorbed in the moment
  6. Counting your blessings (giving thanks)
  7. Avoid “killjoy” thinking by looking on the bright side
  8. Behaviorally communicating positivity to others via positive facial expressions
  9. Limiting “time is too fleeting” perceptions

Why You Dampen Your Positive Experiences

A lot of people don’t celebrate their success and instead dampen their positive experiences because of how they see themselves. As humans, we do things that are consistent with who we believe we are. You think you’re a writer, that’s why you write. Think of yourself as a singer and you sing. See yourself as an “unhappy person” and you won’t savor anything good.

Research shows us that this happens because of our self-esteem. People who see themselves as positive, valuable, and likeable are more likely to savor their victories. On the contrary, people with low self-esteem simply don’t. Unless they decide to change their identity from a person who’s “unhappy” to someone who can be, no technique will ever work.

Aside from this, there’s also the limiting belief that if something good is happening to you now, something bad will happen later. There’s no scientific basis for belief. Life is a mix of ups and downs. You only notice the bad things that happen after good things because you primed yourself to notice it that way. It’s called Confirmation Bias.

How To Celebrate Life

Celebration is different for everybody. It’s different for you as it is for me, so really, there’s no one-size-fits-all kind of a solution. But here are some suggestions that can jog your mind to what you can do (aside from the 9 suggestions earlier).

Know Yourself And Personalize

What do you like doing? What foods do you like eating and that makes you happy? Do you like ice cream, cake, or pasta? Go grab one! As for me, I play games on my phone or watch Netflix without worry. Sometimes, I buy spicy chicken wings to make the celebration even better.

It takes a dose of self-awareness to make the activity of celebration thoughtful and personal. Indulge in what makes you happy, but make it regulated. After all, too much of anything is a bad thing.


Seriously! Well, if you’re not a good dancer then don’t dance in front of others. Go to an empty room and dance your heart out. It doesn’t matter if you have silly moves like I do. What matters is that you use your body to express how happy you are at this moment. Try it. If you’re alone, stand up right now, close the door and dance. I just did.

Call Up Your Friends

It’s better to celebrate moments when we have people we care about around us. Of course, call up people who you know genuinely care about you and your success. It not only strengthens your bond, but it can actually be an inspiring moment for them, too.

We don’t experience a full life because of the big events and achievements. It’s the tiny moments – the remarkable memories – we savor each day that makes us whole.

Live an inspired life,

Jeric Timbang